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German – English animal Memory game bilingual flashcards learning material / zweisprachiges Memoryspiel


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It´s sunday evening. You are looking for a fun activity to do with the family?

Look no further. This memory game is a fun activity for the whole family. Thanks to the bilingual cards you can also engage in the different languages and play in different variations (for ex. one language, another time the other, or the first card in language A and the second card in language B).


German English bilingual memory card game with animals

The names of the animals are written in German and English.
This memory game set is ideal for young and old.

While memory alone is a good way to train your memory,  combining it with learning a foreing language is even more beneficial. It`s also a fun way to learn or refresh your language knowledge.


Set info

  • 38 cards
  • 19 different animals
  • size: 8,5 x 5,5 cm
  • comes with a box
  • Languages: German and English


laminated cards take up to 7 days to ship.

These animals also come as a coloring book and poster. I also offer them as a set, where you get the poster for free!


5 ways to use my memory card sets

1 Flashcards

Mix the cards and use them as flashcards

to learn the vocabulary

2 In the zoo

Take the animal cards to the zoo.

Look for the animals on the cards.

Learn the names in one or both languages.

3 One Language at a time

Use the cards to focus on one language at a time.

Learn all the animal names in one language first

and then focus on the other language.

4 Describe what you see

Use the cards to talk about what you see and expand your vocabulary.

For example:

This is a monkey.

The monkey has fur.

Its a small animal that likes to climb on trees.

His favorite food is bananas.

5 Memory game

Mix the cards

Lay all the cards with the back facing up.

Take turns and turn over two cards.

Say the names of the animals in one or both languages.

Try to collect as many pairs as possible

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